Artist Statement


Beginning from a reaction to images of women produced by

the media and fashion industry, I work to investigate what it

means to construct an identity from popularized external

beauty standards. My work is broadly inspired by the history

and vanity of portrait painting, more specifically concerning

the outer image or shell built in the habitual pursuit of beauty.


In answer to damaging socially-constructed beauty standards

I work to conflate the cultural, commercial and personal through

a process of painting and collaging images into paintings and

works on paper. Influenced by celebrity crisis, celebrity obsession,

plastic surgery, and fashion imagery, I paint to convey the anxiety

of inhabiting a continually mediated self. I paint to depict the

space between desire and disappointment. Using painterly

contradictions of strength and vulnerability, attraction and

repulsion I work to create beings that are awkward but known.

Limbs distort, paint melts into skin and glances confront

in discord to suggest different states of psychic disintegration.


- Theresa Pfarr 2018