Artist Statement


My work engages traditional painting and the stylistic

strategies of contemporary advertising to generate familiar

but incongruous figurative paintings. My work is broadly

inspired by the vanity of portrait painting and similar

methods of external identity construction in the habitual

pursuit of beauty.

Beginning from a reaction to images produced by the media

and fashion industry, I conflate the cultural, commercial and

personal through a process of painting and collaging images.

Influenced by celebrity crisis and obsession, plastic surgery,

and the fashion industry, I paint to convey the anxiety of

continual mediation. Limbs distort, paint melts into skin and

glances confront in discord to suggest different states of

psychic disintegration. Using painterly contradictions

of strength and vulnerability, attraction and repulsion my work

is a depiction of the space between desire and disappointment.


- Theresa Pfarr 2019